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20161226 World Highlights

World Highlights

Time             :    20161226

Broadcasters       : Dai Cong, Zhou Mi

Writer           :    Zhou Mi

Reviser         :    Dai Cong

Editor           :  Zhou Mi


D: Good afternoon, welcome to world highlights. I’m Dai Cong.

E: I’m Emily. The official- President- elect Trump has announced he intends to nominate ExxonMobil chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state. Here comes a big question—Tillerson is a career oil executive, presumably he’s had a lot of global dealings in that role. But that’s quite different from diplomatic interests. So what qualifies him for the post? We shouldn’t ignore that the oil industry is a totally different industry compared to the typical ones that produce national leadership.

D: Yahoo has announced yet again that customers were hacked. The company estimates that more than 1 billion user accounts had data stolen this time. This is the second time this year that Yahoo discloses a mega breach.

E: In Syria, around 3000 people have been evacuated from the las rebel-held area in Aleppo. The Red Cross says a third convoy is underway to transport thousands more, to rebel-held territory. The U.N. calls it a black chapter in Aleppo’s history. However, Syrian President Bashar calls it liberation.

D: Germany is the latest European country to talk about restricting face-covering veils called niqabs and burkas. France banned them in public places in 2011. The Dutch Parliament voted to not allow them in places such as schools last month. Some German people consider that ‘if you’re coming to our country, you should respect our culture’. They think the veils give them a feeling of discomfort which is also against the idea of open society.

E: That’s all for today’s World Highlights from CCNU English Press Corps.

Have a nice day.

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