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20161229 Movie Buffs

Wonder Woman







Hello everyone, welcome to our Movie Buffs. Today’s dubbing show is a trailer from Wonder Woman which is supposed to be out in 2017. Like your familiar Superman,

Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman also belongs to Detective Comics. The story goes like this, in the 20th century, there is a mysterious island where only women live . They are immortal, smart and powerful. Before Diana becomes Wonder Woman, she was the princess of that island. One time, an American pilot crashes on the island, he tells Diana that there are tremendous wars in the outside world. So, Diana leaves her hometown, and has the faith to save the world. During the war, she may gradually develop her power and find her true destiny. That’s a typical American-hero-story, right? No more spoiler. Let’s enjoy the dubbing.

“I used to want to save the world. This beautiful place, but the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness within. I learned this the hard way, a long long time ago.

What is your mission?

To stop the war.

What war?

The war to end all wars.

Weapons far deadlier than you can ever imagine. The war can be ours. Whoever you are you are in more danger than you think.

I cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost. Be careful, Diana.

Who is this woman? She’s my, um, secretary, sir.

She’s a very good secretary.

It is our sacred duty to defend the world, and it’s what I’m going to do.


How can a woman possibly fight in this?

Fight? We use our principles. Although I am not opposed to engaging a bot of fisticuffs… should the occasion arise.”


If you are interested in dubbing, we welcome your contributions. Your voice will be played next Thursday. That’s all on today’s dubbing show. I’m Charlotte. For more information, follow our WeChat E小记@CCNU. CCNU English Press Corps. We join. We learn. We conquer. See you

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