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20161230 Living on Campus

Living on Campus

拟播时间/Expected Broadcasting Time2016-12-30

写稿/Written:文馨 Holiday Wen

审校/Revised:黄凯 Victor Huang

录音/Recorded:文馨 黄凯 



Holiday: Happy new year, Victor. [Joyful]

Victor: Happy new year, Holiday. But today is still Dec. 30, 2016. It’s a little bit early to say that.

Holiday: I know, but I just can’t help controlling the joy of the coming New Year. And I just can’t help smiling. [Joyful]

Victor: Huh-huh. What makes you so excited? The three days-off? [Positive]

Holiday: It’s the New Year Concert that drives me crazy. You know what? I’ve been waiting for that for a whole year. In that concert will be many super stars performing on the stage! [Joyful]

Victor: I’m also expecting it. I really enjoy those songs and tunes . But I heard that there wouldn’t be a new year’s concert, because it hasn’t been authorized by the government. [Sorry]

Holiday: What? You must be kidding! [Surprising]

Victor: I also wish that it was true. You know, I saw that on the Internet this morning. Oh, come on. There will be a lot of activities for 2017. So what else do you plan to do on New Year’s Eve? [Positive]

Holiday: Em… maybe absorb myself in study?

Victor: Holiday, are you kidding me? [Sorry]

Holiday: Hhhh, it’s just a joke. I heard there would be a New Year party. Maybe we can go there together.

Victor: That sounds great! Ok, see you there tomorrow evening!

Holiday: See you. [Positive]


Holiday: What’s your plan for New Year’s Eve? Come and share your views on our WeChat E小记@CCNU. That’s the program Living on Campus for today! For more information, follow our WeChat E小记@CCNU. CCNU English Press Corps. Bye-bye!

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