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20170313 World Highlights

China’s Two Sessions







   Welcome to today’s world highlights. Recently, the annual sessions of China's National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference are in full swing. Important issues like China’s economic plans and its international role are being discussed. Let’s focus on China’s foreign affairs. Last Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi declared China’s commitment to continue to support multilateralism and an UN-centered international system. “The current international system is like a well-designed building with multilateralism being its cornerstone and the UN and other international organizations being its key pillars,” Wang said at a press conference. Against the backdrop of growing backlash against globalization and Trump administration’s tendency toward isolationism, analysts believed Wang’s remarks  showed China’s unwavering support for international system, thus giving the “uncertain” world more “certainty”. That’s all for today’s world Highlights, see you next time.

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