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20170314 A Song for You

You Wait for Rain

Kyler England








Hello everyone! Nice to see you! I'm Catherine and this is A Song for You!

Today I want to share with you a beautiful song full of emotions. It is Kyler England's You Wait for Rain     .   which is from Vampire Diaries. I believe most of you have seen the TV series before. As we all know, this year there comes its final season. And this song is talking about the relationship between Stefan and Elena. They had fallen in love with each other once, but they agreed to break up finally. As the lyrics say, you wait for rain and I chase the storm. We just don't see it the same way. You said you want change but you're never sure. We cannot go on like this any more, cause at the end of the day, you wait for rain but I chase the storm. The frustration and calmness towards their break-up are like the drumbeats that keep playing in mind. We feel what they felt. We sorrow what they sorrowed. Now please listen and enjoy--(music in)

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