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20170316 Movie Buffs

Walking Dead








Hello everyone, welcome to our Movie Buffs. Lately, the Resident Evil films series finally came to its end. It’s such a disappointing news for a “zombie fan” like me. But, the good news is that, except the Resident Evil, there is another famous zombie-type TV show called the Walking Dead. Have you ever heard of it? This story happens in an American town in Atlanta. Our hero Rick awakens from a coma, discovering the world overrun by zombies, commonly referred to as “walkers”. He reunites with his family and becomes the leader of a group that he forms with survivors. Together they struggle to survive and adapt in a world filled with walkers and opposing groups of survivors, who are even more dangerous than the walkers themselves. In this post-apocalyptic world, love becomes even more precious.


“When I wanted to run...

You said, ‘That’s how you lose people...

Even after they’re gone.’

What the hell does that mean?

People you love...

They made you who you are.

They’re still part of you.

If you stop being you,

That last bit of them that’s still around inside who you are...

It’s gone.”


If you are interested in dubbing, we welcome your contributions. Your voice will be played next Thursday. That’s all on today’s dubbing show. I’m Declan. For more information, follow our WeChat E小记@CCNU. CCNU English Press Corps. We join. We learn. We conquer. See you.

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