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20170317 Living on Campus

Living on Campus

拟播时间/Expected Broadcasting Time2017-03-17






音乐/Music22, Taylor Swift


Victor: Welcome to Living on Campus! I’m your host Victor. Today is a sunny day, a nice time for enjoying the sunshine. Yeah, joining with me today is our sweet, beautiful Miss Holiday Wen.

Holiday: [writing something on the paper]

Victor: Holiday?

Holiday: I’m here. One more minute! I’m doing the model TEM-4 test.

Victor: TEM-4? I’ve never heard about that. Is it around the corner?

Holiday: Sure, only 36 days to go. TEM-4, short for Test for English Majors – Band 4, is the first exam we have to pass. As an English major, I have to score well.

Victor: Well…But it’s time for our show, dude.

Holiday: I know, I know. But I’m just feeling time is not enough, so I want to squeeze time for learning. I hope to practice more. Sorry about that.

Victor: Doesn’t matter! But relaxing yourself can also help you learn well. Put it in another way, easy come, easy go.

Holiday: I just, I just can’t stop the feeling. Like, sometimes we are quite used to the so-called “back-to-exam syndrome”. I’m not confident in myself, so I have to work harder and harder.

Victor: Well, I had the similar feeling of yours one year ago, but as I passed the College English Test Band 6 or CET-6. I did a good job. You are really a diligent learner, so I believe that everything will be okay. Just give yourself a break!

Holiday: Yeah, I may be so worried about my performance. That’s why I take this chance to practice my English. What I should have done, however, is join the show and let those vexes go.

Victor: I agree! So have a chat, take some breaks and get a nice mark!

Holiday: That’s so kind of you! Let’s get started!

Victor: Cool then!


Victor: We are told, “Study hard and make progress day by day.” But sometimes we forget about our health. Take a rest, and enjoy the sunshine. It cannot be better for your body and soul! Just shake it off! Need some TEM-4 tips? Just come and find us on our WeChat E小记@CCNU. That’s the program Living on Campus for today! 学习使我快乐!



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