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20170331 Living on Campus

Living on Campus

拟播时间/Expected Broadcasting Time2017-03-31

写稿/Written:文馨 Holiday Wen

一审/Revised:黄凯 Victor Huang






Victor: Hi, Holiday! I just returned after a travel. I feel quite tired now!

Holiday: Cool then! If only I could I go to somewhere for a trip!

Victor: You love travelling? Actually, I’m not into it.

Holiday: Come on! Taking a trip is so interesting!

Victor: I think the most interesting thing is a one-way trip to Mars.

Holiday: You mean travelling to the planet Mars?

Victor: Yeah, a Holland-based company is making a plan to send people to Mars, but there is no chance for return.

Holiday: Sounds like a trek!

Victor: Yeah! One way is the point!

Holiday: Why is it go-but-never-to-return?

Victor: It’s about the limit of technology. Although we do have the ability to send people to Mars, we can’t get them back.

Holiday: That’s a big commitment, isn’t it? I suppose some people will jump at the opportunity. But, what kind of people does the company want?

Victor: Those who are intelligent. First of all, he must own a healthy body. Of course, if he masters special skills that can be put into use some day on that planet, that will be better!

Holiday: I think so.

Victor: And there is something more important.

Holiday: What’s that?

Victor: Character. They need to have a tough personality.

Holiday: Why?

Victor: Because they want people who can still work well when things are bad and who are calm in a crisis. So, from what you’ve heard, does it sound like a job for you?

Holiday: Absolutely not. I love travelling but I think the trip is so long.

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