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20170410 World Highlights

Syria’s Chemical Attack







Hello everyone, this is Vivian, welcome to our International News. Today, I’m going to share a piece of news aboutSyria’s chemical attack.  

On April 4th, according to the Syria Observation for Human Rights, several warplanes were suspected of attacking Khan Sheikhoun, a town in the northwestern Syria, by dropping poison gas. This attack happened early that morning when many people were asleep. Until April 5th the deadly gas has caused at least 100 people died and over 400 people were injured.

The Syria Observation for Human Rights didnt point out who was the mastermind of this attack but some people in Syrian opposition claimed that it was the Syrian government who conducted it. Western powers also agreed that it was a Syrian government air strike. But Syrian government denied the use of any chemical or toxic substance and said that the military "has never used them, anytime, anywhere, and will not do so in the future." Russia was also being suspected but Russian military denied immediately.

Though no one admitted, the U.S. insists it is the Syrian government who did it and says military options arebeing considered in response to Syrias chemical attack. Also America, England, France and European Union have together condemned Assad regime and said it wasintolerable to use chemical weapons.  

Okay, that's all for today's program.We would be glad if you want to share opinions or news with us. See you next time!  

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