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20170413 Movie Buffs

Love Me, If You Dare







Hello everyone, welcome to Movie Buffs. Todays recommendation is a French movie called Jeux d'enfants and its English version is Love Me, If You Dare -《两小无猜》. I guess most of you are very familiar with this film. Even you havent seen it, you must have heard about it.

The film begins in a small French town, where a little girl, Sophie, is being bullied by other children. Only a boy Julient helps her and is willing to be her friend. To cheer Sophie up, Julien gives her a small tin box, a gift from his fatally ill mother. Because it is important to him, he lend it back from her occasionally . In order to keep this box, they have to prove how brave they are to the others. From then on, their game has begun: the box changes its owner after each completed dare.

This game continues until they grow up, they fall in love, they find someone to merry…… But the game doesnt end. Ten years later, on the night of Julien's tenth wedding anniversary, Sophie sends a message to him, indicating that the game is back on. They meet for a brief moment in the midst and after a dramatic accident, they finally reunite.  

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Ok, this is the end of todays program and I really hope you could watch this classic film!

If you are interested in dubbing, we welcome your contributions. Your voice will be played next Thursday. That’s all on today’s dubbing show. I’m Declan. For more information, follow our WeChat E小记@CCNU. Peace!

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