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20170414 Living on Campus

Living on Campus

拟播时间/Expected Broadcasting Time2017-04-14

写稿/Written:文馨 Holiday Wen

一审/Revised:黄凯 Victor Huang


录音/Recorded:文馨 黄凯


音乐/MusicCan We Dance - The Vamps

Victor: Morning, Holiday! Today the traffic was really heavy. I was almost late for our program!

Holiday: Take it easy, Victor. It’s impossible to drive fast during rush hours.

Victor: Yeah, I hope there can be some solutions.

Holiday: Talking about the traffic, are there any rules or regulations you don’t agree with?

Victor: That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure because I dont know how to improve the rules but I hope the police can be stricter. Like, although monitor units are out there, pedestrians are still not caring too much about jumping a red light. The case is the same to those “rash” drivers.

Holiday: Yeah, that’s a big deal!

Victor: Another point is that speed control monitors arent playing their due roles. Some drivers are quite into the “fast and furious” feeling, as Paul Walker does in the movie.

Holiday: That’s a lot about potential road rage. But in other countries there seem no speed limits.

Victor: You mean Germany?

Holiday: Yeah! I’ve been to Germany. Once I was in my friend’s car.

Victor: I’ve been a passenger on the autobahns. I really enjoyed it actually.

Holiday: For you’re a speed demon?

Victor: Nope, I just like freedom.

Holiday: Alright…I thought…

Victor: Of course, no such stuff like road rage!

Holiday: Right.

Victor: I think most Germans drive responsibly. Some break the law simply because the law is out there, you know. If the law isnt there, they would drive within their ability range on the autobahns.

Holiday: Thats right. I think their safety rate is higher than ours.

Victor: Yeah, they have fewer accidents because when you have speed limits you’ll find potential dangers on the road.

Holiday: I guess in Germany they are more aware of self-responsibility when driving.

Victor: Yep. The final point is that they have very good cars - very safe cars!

Holiday: Oh, you’re jealous about Germany! For China, you know, the most important thing we need to do is drive as good drivers, cos driving is not like writing poems in which you can free your thoughts as you please.

Victor: You hit the line! But another tip is better: walk rather than driving, cycling rather than taking taxis.

Holiday: Oh, there is a long way to go, I’m afraid.

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