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20170417 World Highlights








Welcome to World Highlights from CCNU English Press Corps. Today, let’s have a look at U.S.-North Korea tension. Concerns have greatly grown since the U.S. Navy fired missiles at a Syrian airfield. North Korea has conducted missile and nuclear tests. So how does the U.S.-North Korea tension come along? Will U.S. take sanction? As North Korea’s sole major ally, there is no doubt China will not stand by. Last Thursday, Trump said North Korea was a problem that will be taken care of and he believed Chinese President Xi Jinping would work very hard to help resolve it. Trump also said U.S. was prepared to tackle the crisis without China, if necessary. How ridiculous! There’s no way China will intimidated by war threats, including nuclear war threat. What’s your view? Welcome to leave a comment on our WeChat E小记@CCNU. This is the end of today’s program, see you next time.

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