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20170419 Culture Express

Culture Express – Food and mood?

写稿:毛誉雯 一审:周启航 二审:陈扬扬 播音:周启航、毛誉雯 剪辑:周启航

拟播时间:2017.4. 26

D: Hello, and welcome to today’s Culture Express. I’m Dionysus.


S: And I’m Sherry. So, Dionysus, tell me, what food makes you happy?


D: Oh, you know, ice cream, chocolate chocolate always puts a smile on my face.


S: And a few inches round your waistline! So today we’re going to talk about how food can influence your mood. Sadly, the research we will be looking at today doesn’t suggest you eat more chocolate but it does talk about bacteria!


D: Bacteria those simple, small organisms they make me happy?


S: Absolutely, the so-called ‘good’ bacteria do! Scientists believe that your mental state is connected to the bacteria in your guts including your stomach and the other organs.


D: Well, I remember that there is a mouse experiment. Researchers at Kyushu University found germ-free mice showed more stress…


S: Yeah, germs – a general word for bacteria and microorganisms, usually the ones which cause disease… So germs help reduce stress and anxiety in mice.


D: But Sherry, do you know any research on humans?


S: Of course. Doctors in a BBC study looked at foods which are high in ‘good’ bacteria – and claimed that more and more food products are making these days. And they found that homemade fermented food was the best.


D: So things like miso soup, kimchi, yoghurt, sauerkraut – all these are fermented. Have you tried any of those? 


S: I love miso soup and kimchi. And fermentation is the process where sugars in food are turned into acids and alcohol.


D: Fermented foods are full of lots of good bacteria for your gut… Anything else from the study?


S: Yes, they also found the best kind of food to make us happy. Can you guess the answer?


D: Let me guess; is it my love - chocolate?


S: Haha, no. That will make you feel good for about 30 seconds until you finish it and then you feel terribly guilty. It said the best kind of food is the Mediterranean diet.


D: Diet here refers to the food and drink eaten by a group of people – in this case, the people living around the Mediterranean Sea. Lots of oily fish, olive oil, grains, fruits and vegetables. And of course, add in plenty of fermented food too. 


S: And don’t eat too many fatty, sugary, chocolaty things like chocolate eclairs – those are buns filled with cream and covered in chocolate. It’s really not rocket science, is it?


D: Eating healthily is pretty straightforward, even if the science behind it is complex. When you say something is not rocket science, you mean it’s not difficult to understand.


S: Yeah, so do you know which country has the best diet?


D: Well, in my opinion, that will be the Japanese diet. It’s my favorite anyway – very varied and plenty of fermented food!


S: I really love the Japanese diet, too.Oh, wait. Let’s stop talking about these delicious foods. It makes me feel hungry!


D: Ok, I think it’s time for lunch. Why don’t we get some fermented food to eat together?


S: Sounds great! Let’s go!


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