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20170421 Living on Campus

Living on Campus

拟播时间/Expected Broadcasting Time2017-04-21

写稿/Written:黄凯 Victor Huang

一审/Revised:文馨 Holiday Wen


录音/Recorded:文馨 黄凯 


音乐/Music Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head-王若琳


Victor: It is sunny today and I hope it can be the same every day. But the capital city seems happy to play jokes with us.

Holiday: Huhuh! You got the point! You know, Wuhan is a city which rainy weather favors, so that a 'saying' goes that "Wuhan, different every day.' So, your pure wish may be easily broken, sorry to tell you, my dude.

Victor: Don't mention it! I just can't stand the changeability, seriously. Holiday, you know, the past two weeks have seen a long period of precipitation here, leaving all of my clothes and shoes drenched. You see, I'm wearing a somewhat-dented pair of trainers.

Holiday: I'm sorry to hear that. I do share the feeling. And last week, the clothes I put on the balcony outside my dorm were 'rain-washed' ( I don't want that kindness from the heaven!)

And I just got no sweaters available for my daily dress.

Victor: Aye, how long we have been waiting for such a sunny day like today!

Holiday: Yeah, so long, very long!

Victor: But I just want to note that Wuhan is not going to be friendly to us in terms of weather, for it's just capricious like a spoiled kid.

Holiday: I'm afraid so. But that means we need not be more alert to the caprices. Or, to be short, take an umbrella at hand.

Victor: That makes sense, or I hope so. But compared with my friends at Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, I'm much more blessed.  

Holiday: Because we are on the mountain-Mount Guizi?

Victor: Yep!

Holiday: Huh, but I'll make it a routine checking the weather forecasts on my phone.

Victor: Um....I mean: Wuhan is different every day. So, there seems no role to play for those 'foretellers'.

Holiday: Well, that's the trump I can play, anyway.


Holiday: You must have been waiting for sunshine so long, and been vexed by the offhanded weather shows. If you are interested in our topic today, come and share with us on WeChat. Just key in "E小记@CCNU". We hope that every day is sunny for all you guys. Have a nice weekend. Peace!

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