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20170426 Culture Express

Culture Express – How romance ruined love

写稿:周启航 一审:毛誉雯  二审:陈扬扬 播音:周启航、毛誉雯 剪辑:周启航


D: Hello, and welcome to today’s Culture Express. I’m Dionysus.


S: And I’m Sherry. Now, Dionysus, why are you looking so upset?


D: Oh, Sherry, it’s all over! She broke up with me on Valentine’s Day! She said I wasn’t the one…


R: Cheer up Dionysus, cheer up. It's not your fault.


D: No?


R: Well, you can blame romanticism.


D: Romanticism? What's that?


R: Romanticism is a movement that started in Europe and spread worldwide. It influenced literature, art, poetry, music and the way people behaved. 


D: A movement meaning a group of people working together to support an idea?


R: Yes. Now, going back to your ex-girlfriend, let me take a wild guess… love at first sight, was it?


D: Well… yes. What's your point?


R: The idea is romantic, and by that I mean it originated from the romantic era. It was part of the zeitgeist, and many of these ideas still exist today. Well, the program has to go on, right?


D: OK, then. Zeitgeist - the word comes from German and literally means the spirit of the time.  


R: A lot of what we believe about love today for example, the idea that two people will live happily ever after - comes from the romantic period.


D: But, everyone loves a bit of romance!


R: Well, that's true. However, it's one thing to enjoy romance, but it can be dangerous to judge your relationship against romantic ideals.


D: Agreed, it might not be a realistic benchmark, a standard from which other things are judged. So we grow up hearing these romantic stories, leading us to develop an idea of what a relationship is meant to be…and then we get disappointed by the real thing? 


R: Well, to put it bluntly, yes. The romantic ideal is just that – an idealized version, or perfect version, of a relationship. But it often leaves out the nitty-gritty, meaning practical details.  


D: Details like work, stress, children… all of the things that we have to deal with in everyday life. Not to mention, the fact that everyone is flawed, or imperfect, in their own way. That means we get angry or moody or upset for all sorts of reasons. 


R: Exactly! Many popular love stories end at the point where the characters get together or marry. But very few show us how to keep someone special over a long period of time. Keeping relationship is hard work. 


D: And if the relationship you are in isn't as perfect as the story said it should be, then maybe you're with the wrong person, which could explain why so many marriages end in divorce. I wonder if that's true for other people's relationships. Fortunately, I found some people with partners and asked them. So Sherry, is your partner 100% perfect for you? 


R: No, I don't think that's 100%.  


D: But does that necessarily mean true love doesn't exist?


R: No. It just means that all relationships must be worked on and that perfection is impossible. But we should never give up trying. 


D: You're right! She wasn't the one for me! I need to find my next Juliet. She'll be just perfect! 


R: Oh Dionysus. You haven't learnt anything! You're just a hopeless romantic. OK now, I’ve got a question for you. When was the start of the romantic period? Was it a) the beginning of the 18th century, b) the middle of the 18th century or c) the end of the 18th century? 


D: Well, I honestly have no idea, so I'm going to go smack in the middle… the middle of the 18th century.


R: Wrong I'm afraid! It was towards the end of the 18th century.


D: I have nothing good in my life at the moment.

R: All right there. Why don’t we grab a drink soon, maybe it’ll make you feel better.


D: Fair enough. Well, that’s the end of today’s Culture Express. Don’t forget to join us again soon.


R: Bye.


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