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20170428 Living on Campus

Living on Campus

拟播时间/Expected Broadcasting Time2017-04-28

写稿/Written:文馨 Holiday Wen

一审/Revised:黄凯 Victor Huang


录音/Recorded:文馨 黄凯 


音乐/MusicIKON-Long Time No See

Holiday: Good morning, Victor. How can I help you?

Victor: Well, I’d like to talk to you about our manager, Tim.

Holiday: What’s the problem?

Victor: Well… ever since Rachel left our program, I feel like I’ve been targeted to do all her work, as well as mine. Tim has made me work overtime; I’m expected to attend too many meetings and I seem to be spending large amount of my time doing unnecessary paperwork.

Holiday: I’m sorry to hear that.

Victor: And… on top of that, I’d specifically asked if I could leave early last Friday, as I’d done a lot of overtime works during the week. But we had a deadline on Friday afternoon and even though I’d finished my specific work I was expected to help other colleagues finish their work too.

Holiday: But surely that is a positive sign showing that Tim has a lot of trust in you, in getting you to help other colleagues.

Victor: Yes, but I feel like I’m being singled out! Other colleagues get to leave early, and they don’t have such a lot of  work to do.

Holiday: So you’re feeling he’s been making unrealistic demands on you?

Victor: Yes, absolutely.

Holiday: Do you think it’s because Tim is unaware of what he is doing?

Victor: Well, he never seems to ask us to do a job. He just delegates, and there’s another thing, he never listens!

Holiday: Right. Have you approached Tim about this particular problem?

Victor: I’ve tried to approach him but whenever I go to his office he is either in meetings, or he is never there. It seems like he just has no time for us.

Holiday: Well, at this stage it would be better if you approached him directly. If nothing else, you need show that you’ve tried to solve the problem yourself, before  taking it further, make it clear that you’re not just a complainer and can boost your credibility. Why don’t you send an e-mail requesting a meeting with him in private?

Victor: Hmmm, I’d be a bit worried about his reaction. I wouldn’t know what to say!

Holiday: Well, firstly, you need to plan about what you are going to talk before going ahead with a meeting. You can always take notes to which you can refer. This shows that you have considered what you need to discuss.

Victor: OK.

Holiday: This is obviously a delicate situation so be very careful not to criticize as this could bring on a defensive reaction. You need to be diplomatic when you speak to him. When you have spoken to him in a rational way, you still find he is being unreasonable. Come and speak to us, and we can arrange a meeting between the three of us. But do remember you need to have evidence for us to be able to take further actions.

Victor: OK, I’ll send him an e-mail now to request a meeting, and we’ll see what happens then. Thanks for your advice.

Holiday: Good luck and let us know the outcome.


Victor: Do you have any troubles with the superior or your friends? If you are interested in our topic today, come and share with us on WeChat. Just key in "E小记@CCNU". Have a nice weekend. Peace!

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