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20170510 Culture Express

Culture Express – Introvert and proud

写稿:周启航 一审:毛誉雯  二审:陈扬扬 播音:周启航、毛誉雯 剪辑:毛誉雯


S: Hello, and welcome to today’s Culture Express. I’m Sherry.


D: And I’m Dionysus. So Sherry how did you spend Saturday night?


S: Curled up on the sofa with a good book. You?


D: I went out on the town. Met some friends, had a few drinks, then went on to a party.


S: Well that illustrates the difference between us – you're an extrovert. And I'm… not. And where we are on the spectrum between introvert and extrovert is the subject of today's show.


D: So would you call yourself an introvert, Sherry?


S: No, I'm an ambivert, which means a mixture of introvert and extrovert.


D: Well, whichever you are, Sherry, staying in on your own on a Saturday night is pretty boring!


S: Not to me. And you shouldn't be so judgmental, Dionysus. You're reflecting the general view that people seem to have these days, that being an introvert is somehow less valuable than being an extrovert.


D: OK, my fault. Actually, introverts have many valuable qualities. They're reflective – that means thoughtful – and have inner resources. In other words, they don't rely on other people to enjoy themselves.


S: Exactly! And as to Lisa Kaenzig, researcher and Associate Dean for William Smith College, New York State, introverts think about what they're going to say before they say it. Do you do that, Dionysus?


D: Nope!


S: Eh…You should try it sometime. Now, Lisa also talks about the different ways people recharge their batteries– introverts tend to need time alone to regain their strength and energy when they're feeling drained – or very tired whereas extroverts often prefer to recharge by being with other people.


D: So introverts create their energy internally – from within themselves and extroverts recharge from being with other people. But in some situations, for example at school or in the workplace, things can be made suitable for extroverts. Extroverts typically love being with others – in a big class or an open plan office – where there's a lot going on. They enjoy the external stimulation.


S: But introverts can find these big, noisy environments uncomfortable. Just like I prefer spending my Saturdays in my home, boringly.


D: I can see that. And these days, people are wild about group work and brainstorming– job ads frequently ask if you are a people person, a team player … and so on.


S: That's right. Introverts like to work alone or in small groups and need a quieter space to perform well.


D: Mmm… Does that mean you can understand the meaning of books better when you are alone? Maybe I should try that before the final exam.


S: Come on, Dionysus, you know that’s not really true. But you can give it a shot. Won’t do you any harm.


D: Maybe later. Well, that’s the end of this edition of Culture Express. Join us again soon. Now I’m gonna have a drink then.


S: You, you…


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