Great Progress in Large-current Electrolysis of Seawater for Hydrogen Production

Date:September 27, 2022    Revision:

Recently, Professor Yu Ying's research team from the College of Physical Science and Technology of CCNU, in collaboration with Professor Li Liping from Jilin University and Professor Yu Jaguo from China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, has made great progress in large-current electrolysis of seawater for hydrogen production. Relevant research was published in Energy & Environmental Science, a top international journal in the field of energy and environment. This is another remarkable achievement of Professor Yu, following his previous important research in the field of electrolytic water/seawater. The first author of the paper is Huang Chuqiang, a PhD student in the College of Physical Science and Technology.

Reasonable design of electrocatalysts with rapid self-reconstruction for efficient oxygen evolution reaction (OER) under commercially demanded current density is highly desired, but really challenging. However, the team overcome relevant problemsvia a simple two-step oxidation strategy for efficient and stable large-current-density water/seawater oxidation. Their work reveals a new efficient way torealizerapid self-reconstructing, highefficiency and stabilityof water/seawater electrolysis catalyst and also promotes the industrial application of water/seawater electrolysis.

Editor: Li Jiahao

Revisor: Fang Ting