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Hubei College Chinese Research Council Established in CCNU

Revision:Liang Siqi Chen weiyi Revision: Gao Yuan Liu WenboDate:2014/03/15

Translation: Liang Siqi Chen weiyi Revision: Gao Yuan Liu Wenbo Date:2014/03/15

Hubei College Chinese Research Council Established in CCNU

On March 1, the inaugural meeting of Hubei Research Council of College Chinese was held in the lecture hall of the School of Chinese Language and Literature (SCLL) in CCNU. Li Xiangnong, Vice President of CCNU and Chairman of Hubei Linguistic Society, Jiang Jian, Deputy Director General of Administration of Social Organizations of Hubei Civil Affairs Department, and many other scholars and experts attended the meeting. Professor Wu Manzhen from SCLL presided over the meeting.

Mr. Li expressed his concern about the current situation of Chinese language and literature education in colleges. He quoted that The Beijing News once widely reported that Chinese already became an optional course in many universities including Renmin University of China (RUC). In addition, he searched papers, books and many other items titled “Chinese” online and found those materials were nearly a tenth of those titled “English”. It revealed the huge gap between the research on Chinese and English.

He Zhankui, Deputy Director of the Dean's Office, introduced that considering the current situation of college Chinese education, CCNU has increased its course credits for general education and elective courses including “College Chinese” and “Teachers’ Speaking and Writing Skills” in 2013 Undergraduate Talent Cultivation Program. Meanwhile, some elective courses such as “Chinese Poetry Appreciation” are offered by SCLL, which boasts academic strength and teaching elites that will benefit students as well as the reform of college Chinese education.

Jiang Jian then announced the permission to establish the Hubei Research Council of College Chinese. Attendees also discussed and reached decisions on issues concerning the business scope, membership, election and removal mechanism, principles of assets management and utilization, and amendment procedures of charters.

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