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The Opening Report of the Multi-volume History of Germany -

Revision:He Yalin Jia Beixi Revision: Li Xue You Suqing Liu WenboDate:2014/03/07

Translation: He Yalin Jia Beixi Revision: Li Xue You Suqing Liu Wenbo Date:2014/03/07

The Opening Report of the Multi-volume History of Germany - Major Bid-Inviting Project of NSSF

On March 2nd, 2014, the Research Proposal Defense Meeting of “multi-volume History of Germany was held in CCNU. Led by Prof. Xing Laishun from the School of History and Culture of CCNU, this research is one of the major projects of National Social Science Fund (NSSF) in 2013. Present at the meeting were Vice-president Huang Yonglin and Peng Nansheng, experts and scholars from Zhejiang University (ZJU), Peking University (PKU), Nankai University (NKU) and Wuhan University (WHU), staff members of the research group, and leaders and representatives from relevant departments. Vice-president Peng Nansheng presided over the meeting.

The expert panel, headed by Prof. Shen Jian (ZJU), consisted of Prof. Qian Chengdan (PKU), Prof. Chen Zhiqiang (NKU), Prof. Xiang Rong and Prof. Chen Yong (WHU). All the experts unanimously acknowledged the academic value and historical significance of this project.

Mr. Huang Yonglin briefly introduced the current status of History as a discipline in CCNU, especially the fruitful achievements made in the research of German history. He promised that CCNU would provide strong support for the implementation of this project.

Prof. Xing made a report on the project regarding its research significance, rationale, objectives, framework, focuses and difficulties as well as specific research plan, pointing out that this research will reveal the development of German civilization from the ancient times to the early 21st century in regard to its politics, economy, society, culture, education and science and technology.

The expert panel acknowledged the research framework, methodology and research progress, offered suggestions on further improvement, and expressed their hope for a distinctive and high-level six-volume History of Germany.

On behalf of the research group and the college, Prof. Xing and college leaders extended their gratitude and appreciation to the experts for their insightful suggestions, promised to strive for high quality research results, and expressed their hope for further support from the experts so as to promote the development of World History as a subject in CCNU.

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