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Delegation of UBCHEA Visited CCNU

Revision:Gao Yuan Li Xintong Revision: Chen Xi Liu WenboDate:2014/04/07

Translation: Gao Yuan Li Xintong Revision: Chen Xi Liu Wenbo Date:2014/04/07

Delegation of UBCHEA Visited CCNU

Prof. Ma extended warm welcome to the delegation and expressed sincere gratitude to UBCHEA for their long standing help. As he mentioned, UBCHEA has subsidized more than $230,000 on various research projects and faculty development programs of CCNU. Prof. Ma then briefly introduced the current cooperation programs between UBCHEA and CCNU — the establishment of Asian Research Institution and the launch of Training Programs for Asian Teachers.

Dr. Chapman started her speech by expressing her deep appreciation for CCNU’s hospitality, friendship and cooperation over all these years. She then highlighted a few themes of UBCHEA and some specific projects they’re developing. According to her introduction, although UBCHEA is a Christian organization, it does not seek to convert people. Instead it supports programs that are consistent with Christian values. It works in the most needy areas in Asia, seeking to foster intro-Asian network.

Finally, Mr. Glenn Shive, Vice-president of UBCHEA, gave a detailed introduction to two of their current projects in Philippines and Myanmar, expressing his wish for receiving help from CCNU.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Ma and Dr. Chapman signed a cooperation agreement and exchanged gifts.

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