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CCNU Delegation Visited Universities in Spain and Italy

Revision:Liu Zhiji Chen YangyangDate:2016/12/06

Vice Secretary of Party Committee of CCNU, Qin Hong, led a delegation to several exchange schools in Spain and Italy from Nov. 19th to Dec. 6th, with the aim of promoting the establishment of the Spanish department in CCNU and the exchange project with Spain and Italy, and drawing lessons on how European colleges deal with student’s innovative entrepreneurship and employment service.  


Secretary Qin and his entourage firstly visited Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) by the invitation of its Vice Principle, Amaya Mendikoetxea Pelayo. Secretary Qin hoped that the two universitiescould cooperate jointly for the construction of the Spanish department, the joint training for students and the courses about innovative entrepreneurship education. She suggested students in CCNU be selected to take summercourses about internship and entrepreneurship education in UAM. Prof. Luo Lianggong, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, made in-depth conversations on student-exchanging and the introduction of teaching personnel training and online courses. Both sides reached a consensus to incorporate the results of the meeting into their implementation agreement.


The delegation then arrived at Toledo to visit the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM). Principle Miguel Angel Collado Yurrita and Jordi Gimeno Beviá, Vice Executive Principle of International Relations and Lifelong Education, received the delegation. They held a consultation on the new establishment of Spanish department in CCNU, the exchange of teachers and students and other specific matters. The Leaders of UCLM showed strong interest in the plan about the construction of Spanish department, hoping to support CCNU students to study at UCLM by assigningsome graduates to teach in CCNU, charging low tuition fees and other means. Qin Hong hoped that both sides could take a practical cooperation to set up a cooperative partnership in the future. Responsible officers from department of International Cooperation accompanied the delegation all along, and they also arranged the delegation to have a forum with some Chinese students in Spain. Qin Hong invited the Chinese students to work in CCNU after completing their doctorate.


The third stop of the visit was the University of Zaragoza, which had nearly 500 years’ history. Francisco Beltran Lloris, Vice President of the school, accompanied the delegation visiting historic buildings and the statue of Nobel-Prized alumnus. The directors of Spanish Department and Office of International Affairs attended the discussions on CCNU’s introduction of teachers, personnel training from Spain and other issues. Both sides reached a preliminary unanimity to launch the curricular design for following cooperation of the construction of Spanish department. Qin Hong hoped to strengthen the cooperation in teacher exchange and student entrepreneurship education in both sides.


The delegation then visited the European Design Institute (IED) as the fourth stop. The responsible officers of IED's departments of fashion, design and the media curriculum, the Masters of Department of International Relations and Innovation, accompanied the delegation to visit the school. They raised examples of how the school did designs and promotions for the sports brand, ADIDAS. IED’s curricular design put emphasis on teaching practice and employment guidance, making students have a lot of opportunities to join in the cooperative projects between schools and society, thus students would receive offers from the cooperative companies before they graduated. The delegation exchanged views with the other side on the issues about student internships and entrepreneurship, etc. Qin Hong welcomed school authorities to visit CCNU as soon as possible to discuss issues about the construction of co-sponsored projects or the institutes of fashion design together.


The delegation finally visited Italian Institute in Firenze. President Michele Russi received the delegation. Both sides exchanged their opinions on the cooperation in Italian language training, CCNU students studying in Italy and the construction of the student practice base of music and art, which are expected to promote the development of related art subjects in CCNU. Qin Hong hoped that both-side cooperation and exchanges could be further upgraded to offer more choices to the teachers and students in CCNU to study in Italy or for the short-term exchanges.






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