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The First Apprentice Ceremony Held in CCNU

Revision:Zhang Xinlei Yang HaiyanDate:2016/12/18


The 1st Apprentice Ceremony of CCNU organized by Qingyi Hanfu Club was held on the afternoon of December 18th at Boya Square. The ceremony, with the theme of “Honor the teacher and respect his teaching”, lasted for half an hour and attracted more than an audience of 100.

The ceremony began with a dancing performance from two students wearingthe Han costumes, which stirred the interests of the audience. There followed the most significant part—— “To become apprenticesofthegreatmaster”. During this part, students bowed to heaven and earth and the master successively while they served tea, then the master returned a salute and distributed the certificates to them.

 After the rite was accomplished, diverse traditional Hanfu from different dynasties provided by Qingyi Hanfu Club, were displayed in Boya Square. Everyone present was immersed in this strong historical and cultural atmosphere.  



 Hanfu, with a history of more than four thousand years, is one of the oldest costumes and plays an indispensable role in the inheritance of Chinese civilization. The ceremony, hosted by CCNU Qingyi Hanfu Club, sets up a bridge to help students know more about traditional costumes and help develop them into vigorous cultural soft power.

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