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President Yang Zongkai Attended the 18th Meeting of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics Council

Revision:He Shanshan Zhao WenbinDate:2016/12/19


Recently, The 18th meeting of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics Council was held in Montreal, Canada. As the only Chinese expert selected by the Council, CCNU President Yang Zongkai was invited to attend this meeting.

 The meeting was presided by Mathew Shalders, Chairperson of the of the UIS Governing Board.. Members from UK, Canada, USA, China, Botswana, Dominicana etc. participated in the meeting. Silvia Montoya, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics gave a work report. Besides, The meeting reviewed and summed up all work in 2016 and investigated the working plan of 2017. It also discussed a wide range of issues including the working data acquisition, the statistical method, the applications of Information Technology, Country Disparities, Human Resource Development, and Sustainable development in the future, and passed all the meeting agenda and decisions. 

 At the meeting, President Yang Zongkai advocated cultivating the high-end talent in information technology by cooperation and strengthening communication between China and Foreign Countries in the field of information technology, which was widely approved of by the representatives. During this meeting, President Yang also held discussions with employees of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and students and scholars sent by China Scholarship Council to investigate the institutional mechanism and Talent Training Model of this Institute.


 The UNESCO Institute for Statistics, which has its headquarters in Montreal, Canada,

was established in 1999. Its task is to produce and develop the statistics of UNESCO and its Member States in the fields of education, science and technology, culture and communication. The UIS specialises in international, comparative statistics. The UIS is a central co-operative forum for experts and institutions dealing with statistics within the UNESCO's fields of competence, and it works in partnership with UNESCO Member States, policy makers and researchers in matters relating to statistics and their use. The Institute's Governing Board consists of twelve international experts, representing users and producers of statistics from different regions and international organisations. The Board meets once a year to define the operational policies and strategic objectives of the UIS.

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