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Leaders of CCNU and Government of EZhou Jointly Discussed the Construction of New Campus in Liangzihu

Revision:Liu Zhiji; Lu MinjieDate:2017/03/02


Recently, the meeting for jointly constructing the Liangzihu Campus by both Ezhou City and Central China Normal University was held in the Conference Room of Administration Building. All on-work leaders of CCNU, Standing Committee Members of the CCNU Party Committee, principal assistants, supervisors of relevant organizations, and Li Bing, the Secretary of the CPC Ezhou Municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary and other city-level leaders, and the supervisor of Liangzihu Campus attended the meeting and discussed the construction.




The president of CCNU, Yang Zongkai, said the construction of new campus would make the wish of “one mountain, one lake” come true, which would lay a foundation for the next hundred-year development. Much stress from CCNU was laid on the construction of new campus. This year they would focus on "two aspects", degree programs and campus planning, base on future-oriented educational concept for the plan, highlight the internationalization , and serve local economic and social development.



Cai Hongsheng, the vice president and commander for Construction Headquarters of Liangzihu Campus made a detailed report on the progress of construction. At first, he reviewed the progress of various works , and pointed out that the main targets for 2017 were to further explore the transfer of land ownership, land-use planning and other programs.



In the course of negotiation between two parties, Li Bing stated in terms of planning, they would connect the new campus with the Ezhou international air logistics hub, and learn lessons from Massachusetts Institute of Technology establishing International Logistics University in Spain to promote the third-party cooperation among municipal government, university and enterprise to demonstrate their concerns on vocational education. In terms of construction scale, they would invite world-renowned design agencies by means of international bidding to exercise high-level campus planning and construction; in terms of construction period, they hoped for finding and resolving construction short Board, and cleared the start date as soon as possible.


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