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President Yang Zongkai Meets Minister Counselor(Education and Research) of Australian Embassy, China

Revision:编译:李梁靓 审校:陈柯含Date:2017/04/27

On March 15th , Ms.Katherine Vickers, the Minister Counselor (Education and Research) of Australian Embassy, China led a delegation to CCNU. President Yang met the delegation. Besides, the leader of Wollongong Joint Institute also attended the meeting.

To begin with, President Yang introduced the evolution of CCNU’s history, discipline priority, development ideas, and the 13th Five-Year International Plan being implemented. He mentioned that CCNU was trying to establish strategic partnership with global famous universities and the global strategic partnership network.

Later, he reviewed the cooperation between CCNU and Australian universities. Our university communicates with these universities frequently, flaming great sparks. We have established a chain of practical and win-win cooperation with universities like University of Wollongong in different fields, including short term visits of high level, communication between teachers and students, cooperation in running schools, joint research and so on , which greatly promotes cultural exchanges between Australia and China.  

Then, President Yang also introduced four Sino-foreign educational cooperation programs and institutions between CCNU and Australian universities. He figured out that Central China Normal University Wollongong Joint Institute is the first Sino-foreign operative educational institution in CCNUs history.It relies on the national units of teaching and scientific research like National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning and National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Application in Education. With the industrial radiation advantage of Optics Valley of China, CCNU is concerned with introducing high-level overseas teachers, high quality of international curriculum system, and quality control and academic standards. Whats more, CCNU also implements the new learning mode connecting online learning and offline learning and develop international talents who possess high degree like of Masters degree and Doctors degree, and have great ability of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of information.    

At the end of the meeting, President Yang expressed his thanks to Katherine Vickers of her visiting and holding the talk of Endeavour scholarship. He hoped that CCNU would be selected as a member of universities in New Colombo Plan. He also expected that Chinese and Australian governments would give more support of policies to Sino-foreign educational cooperation institutions like Wollongong Joint Institute so that doing more contributions to communication and exchange of two countries in the field of educational scientific technology in the future.  

Ms. Katherine Vickers firstly expressed her great thanks to the welcome greetings from CCNU. She mentioned that among all the five Sino-Australia Cooperation Educational Programs, only Wollongong Joint Institution of CCNU and Monash-SEU JRI (Suzhou) own Master level education. She highlighted the orientation of Wollongong Joint Institution and added that Ministry of Education of PRC fully launched the "double first-class" construction. Wollongong Joint Institute, relying on Optics Valley industry advantages, is committed to cultivating elites having the spirits of innovation and entrepreneurship, which guarantees its broad development prospects.

At the same time, Ms. Katherine Vickers was deeply impressed by the new learning mode of Wollongong Joint Institution which combines online learning with offline learning. She hoped CCNU can exert its substantial influence on the field of Information Technology Education, and vigorously promote online learning. Lastly, she showed her sincere willingness to strengthen communication and collaboration between CCNU and the Australian cooperative institutions, and add the industry practice into the foreign students’ teaching plans, thus attracting more students in new Australian "Colombo Plan" to study in China.  

During this period, the delegation also visited the engineering center of CCNU and held the Australian Government Endeavor Scholarship Seminar at Yifu International Convention Center.

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