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A delegation led by President Yang Zongkai visits several Japanese universities

Revision:翻译:王一涵 审校:李梁靓Date:2017/05/09


From April 14th to 19th, President Yang Zongkai was invited to lead a delegation to visit Waseda University, Musashino University, and Edogawa University. They also paid a visit to Education Section of Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in Japan. They had work conference and strategic docking on educational communication between China and Japan. A number of consensus in different fields were reached, such as talent introduction and training, professors’ exchange visits and teaching, and joint scientific research. They signed agreements on a high-end talent introduction program, an inter-school cooperation memorandum and two intercollegiate cooperation. 


From April 15th to 16th, the delegation visited Education Section of Embassy of the PRC in Japan and held a forum with exchange students from CCNU. Yang introduced the development strategy of “internationalization, informatization, and construction of high-level university”, as well as “Japan Week” activities in 2017 to Hu Zhiping, Minister of Education Counsellor. They reached important consensus on introducing Japanese top scholars to work in CCNU. Hu mentioned that the Education Section of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan would, as always, strongly support CCNU’s communication with Japan. During the forum, Yang inquired the students about their study, work and life in detail. He placed high hopes on the innovation of CCNU’s international talent training mode and encouraged the students to make more suggestions for the implementation of the “Student-Based” school-running concept.  


During 17th and 18th, the delegation visited Waseda University, Musashino University and Edogawa University respectively. Yang attended a work conference with Kamata Kaoru, President of Waseda University and Morita Teng, Vice President of Waseda University. They expressed the hope to continue to implement and expand professors’ exchange visits and teaching. Meanwhile, they had an in-depth discussion about the details of the cooperation agreement which includes the mutual recognition of online courses and resource sharing. They also came to an agreement on talent joint training. Yang, together with Teruma Nishimoto, President of Musashino University and Oguchi Hikota, President of Edogawa University also had a deep discussion on “Student-Based” educational concept and the innovation of school’s international talent cultivation mode. Then they signed intercollegiate cooperation agreements respectively. Both of them expressed that they would jointly commit to the international teaching and research platform construction, where the main channel is communication of the teachers and students. They would also establish the school leadership exchange mechanism, do well the top-level design and pragmatically carry out two-way exchange and cooperation. 


During the visit, Yang Zongkai introduced the planning of a new campus of CCNU, said that its construction aimed to be international, applied, compound and high grafting, and showed the willing to develop a pragmatic cooperation with Japanese universities in the field of life science, information science, cultural creativity and education, which received positive responses from the three universities.  


This visit aimed to promote the communication with Japanese universities, expand the depth and the breadth of the exchange, improve the quality and efficiency of the cooperation and communication, and lay a solid foundation for the pragmatic cooperation between departments. Wu Ming, alumnus of CCNU, the second secretary of the Education section of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan, provided the delegation with great support during the visit.


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