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Initiation Ceremony for Freshmen

Revision:Yang Haiyan; He ShanshanDate:2017/09/09





The 2017-18 Initiation Ceremony was held on Monday, 4 September 2017, at the Open-Air Cinema in CCNU. This ceremony, hosted by CCNU Deputy Chancellor Qin Hong, was aimed to welcome freshmen and mobilize them for the military training. Present were school executives, officials from People’s Liberation Army Air Force Early Warning Academy, faculties from administrative departments and schools, and all the freshmen.

First, President Yang Zongkai pointed that under the development strategy of “internationalization, informatization , and construction of high-level university”CCNU is vigorously promoting “Double World Class” construction , innovating Talents Training mode and improving the digital study platform and environment construction. Our school will make every effort to set up stages for students’ Dream.

Laterhe greeted the freshmen and delivered an inspiring speech. “There are three phases of dream. Pursuing dream asks for your correct beliefs. You need to cultivate and establish the Core Socialist Values, which is the first step of this phase. Achieving dream requires independent learning ability the idea of lifelong learningkeeping pace with the times and mastering the ability to survive and develop in the digital ageLast but not least, you may continuously enrich your spiritual life by doing social practices and voluntary works, embrace humanistic love and pass it on.”    


Then, graduate freshmen representativeWang Yongkai, a doctoral candidate from School of Liberal Arts, looked back his past three years of life in CCNU and advocated the spirit of “Love in CCNU”. After that, undergraduate freshmen representative, Chen Chunlin, from School of Physical Science and Technology, delivered an impressive speech. In her talk, she quoted a classic verse of Haizi, I want the simplest life and noblest end of life, and I will go forward no matter how harsh the weather is or how long the way is.” to express her expectation for college life and her dream of being a good teacher. Having great filial piety, she goes to college with her paralyzed father and takes care of him while studying. That is why people call her the Most Beautiful Girl”.


Later, students’ representative Ling Ziyang, the president of CCNU Student Council and, congratulated the freshmen present on being a member of CCNU. Everyone was encouraged to form correct beliefs and take part in voluntary work, cherish time and change with the times, learn to learn and work hard. In succession, Luo Lianggong, Dean of School of Foreign languages, who graduated from CCNU and returned to CCNU asa teacher years later, expressed his feelings grounding on his experiences. In his perspective, CCNU is a university that owns multicultural environment, characteristics of educational informatization, relatively complete study fields, rich pedagogical resources, increasingly perfect and mature personnel training system and so on. Therefore, it is a good place for educating and protecting talents. He hoped that everyone in Guizi Mountain works hard and has his colorful college life.    


Finally, Cai Hongsheng, the Vice President of CCNU, read out the Order on 2017 Freshmen Military Training and Cadres Serving Assignments. Afterwards, Huang Xiaomei, the Chancellor of CCNU, presented the representative of military training delegation with the flag.    







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