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Prof. Tan Liansheng’s Academic Monograph Published by Taylor & Francis Group

Revision:Yang Haiyan; Wang YihanDate:2017/09/25

On August 17, 2017, an English academic monograph named Resource Allocation and Performance Optimization in Communication Networks and the Internet was published by Taylor & Francis Group, an internationally renowned publisher, and it was sold throughout the world. The author is Tan Liansheng, a Professor in Computer Communications in School of Computer Science, CCNU.  

This book summarizes Prof. Tan’s cutting-edge research findings in the field of computer communications in the past decade. It has21 chapters, 504 pages and 271 graphs.The book mainly talks about new mathematical models, theoretical algorithms and protocols of the mass information transmission of the next generation of Internet; energy acquisition, energy consumption in wireless sensor networks and the model, algorithm and protocol of router and data transmission; the network utility maximization (NUM) theory based on aggregate flow and its application in bandwidth allocation; and the modern control theory applied to model and performance optimization of active queue management for Internet routers.  

Taylor & Francis Group was founded in 1798 by Richard Taylor, a British philosopher and William Francis, a chemist. After over200 years’ development, it has become one of the world's most influential academic presses, among the top 5 global publishing houses in the world. It cooperates with the most outstanding authors, including top scientists and researchers as well as authoritative scholars and experts in various fields around the world. Its publishing areas cover humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, natural sciences, science and technology, medicine, etc.

It is said that the book is a follow-up to Prof. Tan’ academic monograph named A Generalized Framework of Linear Multivariable Control, published by Elsevier, another famous international publisher.

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