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The 7th International Seminar on Confucian Classics Studies Held in CCNU

Revision:Liu Zhiji; Zhang XinleiDate:2017/09/26


From September 16thto 17th, the 7th International Seminar on classics was jointly held by School of History and Culture, School of Chinese Classics and Institute of Historical Documents of Central China Normal University and Tsinghua Research Centre of Chinese Classics. More than 60 delegates from over20 universities including Academia Sinica , Hong Kong Shue Yan University, University of Macau, The University of Suwon, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University and Central China Normal University attended the meeting.

On September 16th 16th, the opening ceremony was held at the multimedia hall on the first floor of Guiyuan Hotel. Prof. Peng Lin from Tsinghua UniversityMr. Lin Qingzhang, researcher of department of Chinese Literature and Philosophy of the Academia Sinica , and Prof. Cai Xianjin, President from Liaocheng University, attended the opening ceremony. Leaders from School of History and Culture and Social Sciences also participated in the ceremony.

The head of the School of History and Culture, in his speech, introduced the current situation of the current development of history and historical philology study in CCNU. Professor Peng stressed the important significance of Confucian classics studies to be the world class discipline, and the development historyof the international academic seminars on Confucian classics studies and the "Confucian classics studies" journal. Prof. Cai introduced the conception on the world definition and continuation of Confucian classics studies. Mr. Lin affirmed the good development trend of Confucian classics studies in mainland China, but also pointed out some problems including the neglect of the ontology of the subject and current research status in modern times.

When delivering the keynote speech, Prof. Chen Hongsen fromInstituteofHistoryandPhilology, Academia Sinica, Prof. Deng Guoguang from University of Macau, Prof. Xu Jianping from Zhejiang University and Prof. Yang Hua from Wuhan University gave reports in their own themes respectively.

More than 50 delegates were divided into nine groups to discuss about the "Zhou Yi" "Classic of Poetry" "Three Rites" "the Spring and Autumn Annals " and other topics. Professor Zhou Guolin hosted ,Professor Peng Lin and other scholars nationwide made keynote speeches respectively at the closing ceremony of the meeting.

The International Academic Seminar on Confucian Classics Studies is initiated by Tsinghua Universityand there have been 7 sessions in past 12 years.




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