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Xiao Wenjing, Lu Liangqiu and Co-workers Have Made Important Progress in Cheap Metal Asymmetric Catalysis

Revision:Liu Zhiji; Wen XinDate:2017/09/30


Recently, the research team of CCNU, led by Professor Xiao Wenjing, has made important progress once more in the field of cheap metal asymmetric catalysis. The research results have been published in Journal of the American Chemical SocietyJ. Am. Chem. Soc., 2017, 139, 12847-12854). PHD student Zhang Kai and Professor Lu Liangqiu from College of Chemistry are the joint first authors of the research paper. Professor Xiao Wenjing is the corresponding author. Central China Normal University is the only corresponding institution.


Wittig reaction is widely used in medicine, materials, organic synthesis and other fields. However, it has been a major problem to construct chiral olefin compounds efficiently via Wittig reaction, which has puzzled the chemists in synthetic field for a long time. The key to solving the problem is how to synthesize chiral phosphorus reagents efficiently and easily.

Professor Xiao, with his team members, has put years of efforts, and ultimately achieved the construction of chiral phosphorus ylides. The synthesis method has many advantages such as easy-to-get raw materials, simple operation, mild reaction conditions and wide application range of substrates. At the same time, the authors studied the mechanism of catalyst structure and chiral control also by using X-ray single crystal diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance and ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy, which has laid an important theoretical foundation for the research work in the future .

The research work has been funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 111 Talents Introducing Plan, Hubei Outstanding Youth Fund and National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Fund.


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