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The Shape of CCNU

Revision:Revision:Wang Yihan ; Suo LinglingDate:2017/09/19

On the evening of September 17th, a welcoming gala for freshmen was held at the Open-Air Cinema, CCNU. It attracted audience of more than 4000, including Huang Xiaomei,Party Secretary of CCNU, Qin Hong, Vice Chairman of University Council and other on-work leaders of CCNU. This magnificent party, hosted by CCNU Committee of the Communist Youth League and undertaken by CCNU Student Union, was a three-hour audio-visual spectacle, following the theme The Shape of CCNU.

The party fell into three parts, separately leading freshmen to review the past, live in the present and look to the future.

Before the party began, the hosts and hostesses made a “roll call” game in the order  of schools which freshmen responded with considerable passion. After the heated warming-up came entire silence. Everyone held their breath, waiting for the upcoming mysterious show.

Part 1: You: memories of the past and encounter with CCNU

My Future, a poem unveiled the first part You, delivering the youth declaration: “We believe we are sure to fulfill our dreams.” Stage play Never Gone brought freshmen back to high school life. July, the theme song of the movie twinkle, sang the voice of CCNUers. Lines like “The farthest distance in the world is that a girl living in Yuanbao Mountain falls in love with a boy living in the International Exchange region”struck a responsive chord in the hearts of the audience.

Part 2: They: people that I love deeply and love me intensely

The second part began with a series of videos displayed on the center screen, where the freshmen’s parents, teachers and military training instructors expressed their wishes and expectations for freshmen. “College life can be colorful and meaningful .” “Hope you can get through the confused period as soon as possible.” Those simple but sincere words and scenes where parents reluctantly bade farewell to their children moved the audience deeply.

They evoked nostalgia as well as showing the charm of student organizations. Prose Poetry Written by A Father presented the fathers’  love and care, touching the audience’s heart. Power over the world& Slip& Shape of u gave the audience a fresh glimpse of the brilliant club life. Wan Li from School of Music sang a Chinese folk song Moon Came from My Home Village to ease homesickness. A modern drama Yun Daiying introduced the hero Yun Daiying to set an example for the new comers to follow. At the end of this part, Arrest Boxing displayed by military training instructors pushed the atmosphere to climax. They were so popular with students that cheers and applause sustained during their performance .  

Part 3: We: being connected thereafter

The third part We pictured the wonderful future for the freshmen. Catchy music and drizzling dances ignited the passion within freshmen. You Were Young sang for the beauty of youth. The dazzling performance with rather difficult actions in Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenixes left the audience in awe. Finally, freshmen bade farewell to the party with two songs, Open the Door of the World and Start from Now. Although the party ended, it would, as hoped, opened the door of a new world for the 2017 freshmen with its excitement and ardor.

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