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Confucius Institute of CCNU at National University of Surabaya Celebrated 2568th Anniversary of Confucius' Birth

Revision:Sun Ruilin; Zhang XinleiDate:2017/10/14

On the afternoon of September 28th, 2017, to celebrate the Confucius Institute Day and the 2568th anniversary of Confucius’s birth, more than 100 students  from the Confucius Institute at National Univeristy of Surabaya, Indonesia (UNSEA)visited the first Confucian Temple in Surabaya City under the leadership of volunteer teachers to experience  Confucian culture and Chinese traditional teacher morality.

Surabaya Confucian Temple is  the first Confucian Temple in Surabaya.It is also the largest Confucian Temple in Southeast Asia with more than 100 years of history. It was quite novel for Indonesia students to see the carved beams and painted rafters which were only seen in books before. Xiao Renfei, Dean of the Confucius Institute at UNSEA, explained the meaning of the plaque hanging on the door.Students showed a strong interest in Chinese traditional culture.


Confucian Temple is equipped with a statue of Confucius, and a plaque inscribed with the names of seventy-two disciples of Confucius. Li Mingjing, a teacher of Confucius Institute expounded and demonstrated Chinese traditional apprentice ceremony. In ancient times, when a child was first enrolled, he would do thrice kneeling and nine times bowing to a statue of Confucius with his father to show their respect and pray for success in study as well. Students have to go to Confucius Temple to salute Confucius every year on Confucius Birthday. Students did a great job when saluting in Chinese traditional way. When it comes to honoring the teacher and respecting his teaching, there are similarities between Indonesia and China.

After the apprentice ceremony, Prof. Xiao taught students a proverb of Confucius, "when I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers", to encourage students to learn from people around. All the students said they   benefited a lot in this first close experience of Chinese architecture and Confucian culture. They hope to participate in similar activities in the future to have a better understanding of Chinese culture.


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