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Freshmen's Impression of CCNU

Revision:Revision:Sun Ruilin; Xia JingyanDate:2017/10/25

What is your first impression of CCNU?  


When it comes to this question, the majority of freshmen said that it was a school covered with lush green vegetation, which made its scenery as adorable as a celebrated painting. It can not be more appropriate to describe CCNU with the word gorgeous. Furthermore, the architecture in our school is extremely absorbing. It is divided into two main styles. Some are of elegance and classical beauty while the others are of simplicity and modern beauty. No matter what style the architecture is, it always provides students with a comfortable learning environment. Besides, a history of more than one hundred years is rather impressive to all freshmen.


After the arduous but fruitful military training and weeks of learning, students have gained a better understanding of their college. Most students think CCNU is in accordance with their expectations, providing them with adequate time to study at their own pace and ample opportunities to get closer to the society. Teachers here are not only knowledgeable and highly accomplished but also are conscientious and responsible. The seniors here are diligent and show readiness to help freshmen get used to their college life. Nevertheless, some students say they look forward to having more time to relax. But the reality goes against their aspiration. They are too busy to enjoy their college life and pursuit their interests because of their professional courses. Moreover, even the wish of arranging time freely becomes extravagant hopes. At the same time, some students have unusual perspectives. Besides students, there are also residents on the campus, while in my opinion school should only be a tranquil palace of knowledge. As a consequence, I consider it more clamant than I have imagined. “one student commented.


As for impressive sites and distinctive features of CCNU, we  amazingly found that nearly half of the freshmen expressed their particular feelings for Youming Stadium where the military training had been launched a while back. But on second thought, the result is also predictable. After all, its the initial place where they started to know CCNU as well as their new friends. An interviewee from School of Education excitedly told us that she still clearly remembered every joyful moment during the training period. Thus, she regarded Youming Stadium as a special symbol of CCNU. The unique architecture and the unforgettable stories happened there made it irreplaceable to her. Curiously enough, specific teaching buildings can also be meaningful for some freshmen. A girl from School of Journalism and Communications showed her preference for NO.8 Teaching Building for she had once attended University Autonomous Recruitment there. Moreover, the open-air cinema, canteen and graceful natural environment also deeply impressed freshmen. What is particularly worth mentioning is that many students said the various students’ associations and diverse courses surprised them, and the fulfilling life inspired them.


CCNU, a centuried school with powerful pedagogical resources, vibrant intellectual atmosphere and a comprehensive curriculum system, will surely offer students a more promising future.


We sincerely may all the freshmen get accustomed to new surroundings quickly and study aggressively.


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