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Friendly Football Match between CCNU Team & Ulster University GAA Team

Revision:Xia Jingyan; Deng YumengDate:2017/11/07

On the morning of the 6th of November, we are delighted to welcome the delegation of Ulster University to play a friendly football match with the CCNU team which is composed of students from School of Physical Education and College of International Cultural Exchange. The football stadium has witnessed the happiness and harmonization between two brilliant teams as well as their sincere friendship.

Before the official opening of the Games, players took an active part in warming up to help them maintain a good condition before competing. Attacked by the warm beams, some of them sat on the ground adjusting their spors stocks while others were running on the court.

Prior to the start of the first half, we had a chance to talk to two of the team members about their first impression of Wuhan. Since they had just left Beijing for Wuhan, they naturally made a comparison of the two cities. Interestingly enough, they simultaneously agreed that the weather in Wuhan was much better than Beijing and such good weather was exactly what they preferred. When it came to tasty and authentic Chinese food, they told us that they had just had hotpot last night together and one of them kindly gave high praise for its great taste.

Just then the whistle announced the start of the match, both players swiftly gathered together. All the players took group photos with school leaders and coaches, then on the following link into the exchange of gifts. Players of CCNU thoughtfully prepared postcards with photos showing fabulous campus views of CCNU as gifts, which were gladly accepted. Each player of Ulster University put their own special gifts in the bag carefully and expressed their gratitude with bright smiles. Then the match officially began.

During the match, players of CCNU showed professional competence whenever they seized the initiative. The CCNU astoundingly performed quite well, getting two early goals to lead 2-0 at the half. Therefore, the audience applauded thunderously several times.

In the second half the game several attractive shots began. Surprisingly, the Ulster University team was not affected by temporarily falling behind at all. Not only that, they even increased the tempo of their passing and controlled the game. Soon an excellent player of the Ulster University scored, and in a flash, all the motivated players rushed to hug their amiable coach excitedly. Three more goals followed correspondingly and the spectators were strung highly by their wonderful goals.

The 20 player of Ulster University, who played his style and took advantage of the chances to shoot the first goal for their team, gave an interview to English Press Corps right after the match:The game was really exciting and we all enjoyed it. Meanwhile, NO.14 also shared with us how tired they felt when competing with such an energetic team. When knowing his performance was spoken highly by the main force of CCNU, he was rather surprised and grateful.

Additionally, Shi Difen, an exchange student from CICE of CCNU, admitted that the teammates were exhausted and have somehow underestimated them, which could be one of the factors that led to the twist. Da Lishuishou, a strong Tunisian who took his name from a cartoon Popeye the Sailor, expressed his regret for losing the game. “European started kicking football at an early age so they have laid a foundation, so it's no surprise when they made a twist even though they were not that professional”, he added.

Although the players of Ulster University were not accustomed to the artificial turf fields and unfamiliar environments, they still showed us their unity and strength. Congratulations to all of them!

Just the sunshine, the breeze not chilly, you were smiling and running. As J.Evelyn once said, “Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world. ” The friendly football match held today surely contributed to deepen bilateral friendship and cooperation among students from all over the world.

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