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The Seminar on the Construction and Application of Big Data in Education Held in CCNU

Revision:Sun Ruilin, Zhang XinleiDate:2017/11/09

On November 2nd, the seminar on the Construction and Application of Big Data in Education was held in CCNU. Experts and scholars gathered in CCNU, deliberating how to take advantage of big data in education to promote the development of the National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Application in Education.

Du Zhanyuan, Vice Minister of Education, Zhou Hongyu, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress ,Vice President of Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy ,and the deputy leader of educational informatization panel of the education ministry, Yang Zongkai, the President of CCNU, Peng Nansheng, the Vice president of CCNU, Luo Jun, the Vice Chairman of University Council  attended the seminar.

According to Mr. Du Zhanyuan, higher development of network education, written in the report of the 19th session of national congress of the communist party of China, implies that education informatization in China has entered a new era——2.0 era and will explore a path of education informatization with Chinese characteristics veritably. Therefore, we need to optimize the development, transform the development and application of educational dedicated resources to great resources and transform the fusion development to the innovative development. Education big data is an important symbol of the new era of education informatization and it has become an effective means to promote education equity, education quality and education reform. Education big data also possesses characteristics like complexity, interdisciplinary, systematicness etc. He hoped that the Engineering Laboratory can follow the major strategic needs of the national education reform and development, concentrate on the basic scientific problems and comprehensively carry out the research of theory innovation, technology R & D and experimental demonstration to improve and perfect the education big data.

Zhou Hongyu noted that Hubei Province is approved by Ministry of Education as the first pilot province of educational informatization reform in China. CCNU also has a notable research foundation in the field of education. It is appropriate for the establishment of the Engineering Laboratory. He hoped that the Engineering Laboratory can always meet the needs of educational modernization construction and let the big data of education truly become the scientific strength of the comprehensive reform in the field of education, and  the intelligent teaching aids to satisfy  people’s demands.

Guo Shenglian stated that the report of the 19th session of national congress of the communist party of China indicated that the construction of education is the basic of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, consequently, we are obliged to give priority to the education construction. Starting the construction of Engineering Laboratory is an important step to speed up the modernization of education in China. It is a major opportunity to promote the development of education in Hubei province and enhance the innovation ability of CCNU. Accordingly, Hubei Provincial Government will give top priority to this project.

The deep integration of the new generation of information technology and education makes it possible to collect learning process and data in educational scenes. At present, China has formed basic conditions for the development of big data in education. However, due to the complexity and uniqueness of the education system and the education business, there are still many bottlenecks in developing big data of education. Making breakthrough of these technical bottlenecks depends on the new theoretical guidance and methodological guidance, which is also the original intention of the construction of Engineering Laboratory.

Liu Zenghui pointed that Engineering Laboratory should aim at solving problems such as the quality management of teaching process and students' learning and growth monitoring to construct a big data application platform for technological innovation education and support the development and change of the future education.

Yang Zongkai, the director of Engineering Laboratory as well as the President of CCNU, introduced the engineering laboratory construction in the special report “the Construction and Application of Big Data in Education”. He noted that the engineering lab arranged to achieve the compilation of educational big data in five years to realize the long-range perspective of improving education and cultivating innovation talents. He proposed, in order to complete the research in education big data, more efforts such as the top-level design and infrastructure construction should be made to strengthen the comprehensive construction of education big data.

During the seminar,a ll leaders witnessed the launching ceremony of the Engineering Laboratory. Experts and scholars from government sectors such as National Development and Reform Commission, enterprises such as China Unicom and leading universities such as Tsinghua University inquired into the research of Big Data in Education together.

After the seminar, Du Zhanyuan and his party paid a visit to the National Engineering Research Center for E-learning.



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