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Scholars from China, Japan and Russia Discussed on Comparative Folklore

Revision:Lou Hani; Sun RuilinDate:2017/11/13

From November 4th to 5th, the International Symposium on Comparative Folklore among China, Japan and Russia was held in CCNU. It was hosted by Liberal Arts College and co-organized by the International Cooperation and Communication Department . Over fifty scholars from China, Japan and Russia attended the meeting. Luo Jun, Vice Chairman of University Council,present the opening ceremony.


The meeting was based on comparative folktale study-- the characteristic subject direction of the Liberal Arts College.By studying comparatively on folkloric phenomenon of three countries from different aspects, the meeting was aimed at promoting international communication of Chinese geo-ethnology and building independent discourse of Chinese Folklore to achieve theoretical innovation against the background of international front.


Professor Liu Shoucheng, famous scholar of folk literature, professor Lu Yi from Soochow University and doctorate Aglaia Starostina from Russian State University  for the Humanities gave academic reports on the speaking session of the meeting. Professor Zhou Fuyan from Liaoning University summarized their presentations. Representatives also delved deeply into some theses related to the theme of meeting.


Professor Chen Jianxian indicated, “Studies on folk literature is the study of multi-fields,multi-nations and multi-countries. People are so similar; so are the stories in nations and countries. Meanwhile they are also different, and that is  the direction and intention for our researches—to find shared values among these differences and exit the human maze. As historical memories and cultural deposits, studies on folk literature also spring friendship.”

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