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Clacyfos,a New Type of Herbicide Developed by CCNU,Included in the New Edition of The Pesticide Manual

Revision:Wang Yihan; Xia JingyanDate:2017/11/14

The Pesticide Manual (2017) includes 862 pesticides in the latest edition, among which 16 are from China. Clacyfos, the only Chinese herbicide in the book, was independently developed by Prof. He Hongwu’s research group, Institute of Pesticide Science and Organic Chemistry, CCNU.

Unprecedentedly, Prof. He’ s research group targeted pyruvate dehydrogenase. After researching for over a decade, they successfully developed clacyfos, which is effective and environmentally friendly (Experimental code: HW-02CAS No.215655-76-8). It can effectively control broadleaf weed and sedge weed. Overcoming the problem of high toxicity, poor efficacy or selectivity of pyruvate dehydrogenase inhibitor reported abroad, it becomes the first practical plant pyruvate dehydrogenase inhibitor herbicide.

Pundits commented that the achievement not only provided a new broadleaf weed killer, but also a new thought for China’s developing new pesticides. The research has reached the advanced level among all the international researches in this field, and has won the first prize in Hubei Provincial award of technological invention and the first class award of science & technology progression in Wuhan City.

Funded by NFAPST, Prof. He’s research group summarized the related results of pyruvate dehydrogenase inhibitor as herbicide into English monograph, Environmentally Friendly Alkylphosphonate Herbicides, which has been published around the world.(  /10.1007/978-3-662-44431-3 ) .

The Pesticide Manual is one of the authoritative and independent information sources about plant protection products. It covers chemistry, function targets, applicable objects, toxicology data and ecological effects of globally important pesticide varieties. As a major producer of pesticides, although the production and export volume occupy the first place in the world’s pesticide market, China has a very limited number of locally-developed agricultural pesticides. To realize the goal put forward by President Xi Jinping in the 19th CPC National Congress that “In this way, we will have full control over the food supply of China’s people”, the science team of pesticide has been making constant efforts to enhance the indigenous innovation and development of green pesticide.

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