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Undergraduate from School of Urban and Environmental Sciences Published a Paper on International Authority

Revision:Liu Zhiji;Zhang ErchengDate:2017/11/14

Recently, Liu Xiaojuan, a 2013 undergraduate from School of Urban and Environmental Sciences in CCNU, published the paper “A Stepwise-then-Orthogonal Regression (STOR) with quality control for Optimizing the RFM of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery” on international SCI journal Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote SensingVolume 83,Number 9, September 2017 (2016/2017 Impact Factor : 2.493)


Liu Xiaojuan is the project leader of “Integration Model of Geometric Correction and Radiation Correction of Remote Sensing Images and Optimization of Intelligent Algorithms", under the guidance of Associate Professor, Li Chang. The paper optimized the problems existing in the remote sensing satellite geometric imaging model.


Aiming at the two major "model errors" caused by the overparameter and overcorrection of the Rational Function Model (RFM), a general model of current satellite geometric imaging, first made an approach called Stepwise-Then-Orthogonal Regression (STOR), based on Quality Control. Compared with the traditional algorithm, this method showed that the proposed STOR could improve the accuracy of the solution better.


The above research was supported by the 2015 Student's Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (41771493 and 41101407). Liu Xiaojuan, as a member of the project, has been admitted to Sun Yat-sen University for postgraduate studying in remote sensing and geographic information system.


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