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The 3rd Sino-Australian Social Work Research Center Annual Meeting held in the Model United Nations Conference Room

Revision:Zhong Kailai; Wang YihanDate:2017/11/13

On November 7th, The 3rd Sino-Australian Social Work Research Center(CASWRC) Annual Meeting was held in the Model United Nations Conference Room of CCNU. Professor Darrell Irwin, Director of CASWRC, Professor David Shum, Dean of Research, Griffith Health Group, and postgraduate students from School of Sociology attended the opening ceremony.

Professor Darrell Irwin delivered a welcome speech. He gave a brief introduction of CASWRC, and expressed strongly support for the collaborative research, which is challenging but focuses on shared goals. What’s more, he pointed out the necessity of this new research institute, emphasizing that there are still quite a lot to explore.

Associate Prof. Lynne Briggs reviewed the partnership, cooperation and communications between Griffith University and CCNU. She indicated that the Griffith University and CCNU Articulation Program is a capacity-building project, committed to academic and student exchanges, and it aims to further strengthen social work education in the international context. She also showed the great opportunities for Chinese students to study social work.

Two keynotes entitled Forming Joint-Programs with Chinese Universities and Ideas and Ideal for Developing Social Work Education in China were given respectively. Firstly, a brief networking address was delivered by Daniel J. Curran, Professor of Sociology–University of Dayton, USA. He exemplified his points of view in detail. The second speech was made by Professor Tsui Ming-sum. He started his speech by telling a funny joke about “egg in tea” and then vividly illustrated the concept and content of social work in China.

During the Q&A session, students of different nationalities raised inspiring questions about integration of theory and practice, globalization and indigenization, and gave practical suggestions on the running of CASWRC. The questions were well answered and the suggestions taken into consideration.

At the end of the meeting, Professor Yang Shengyong from CCNU delivered the closing address Next Steps for the Sino-Australian Social Work Research Center. He spoke highly of the meeting and referred to it as an international seminar. He expressed sincere gratitude for the contribution made by both sides of Australia and China, conceived the future direction of CASWRC and analyzed the development of social work in China.

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