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Delegation from York St John University Visits CCNU

Revision:Xia Jingyan; Sun RuilinDate:2017/12/08

On November 24th, a delegation led by Rob Aitken, Vice President of York St John University visited CCNU. Qin Hong, Vice Chairman of University Council welcomed the delegation along with leaders from School of Education, School of Foreign Languages, School of Fine Arts, College of International Cultural Exchange and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges.


At the beginning, Qin Hong introduced the history, academic strength, development strategy and international development of CCNU. He comment that informationization and internationalization had been a driving force for the development of CCNU in recent years. Currently, CCNU was included in the Double First Class National Investment Plan to build world-class disciplines  by the Ministry of Education and is committed to establishing a strategic partnership with renowned universities in the world and building a network of global strategic partners. CCNU had vigorous exchanges with British universities and institutions and also carried out a series of substantial cooperation and exchanging programs, including short-term high-level exchanges, exchange of teachers and students, Chinese-foreign cooperative education projects and language training classes. Meanwhile, he expressed his expectation of communication and in-depth cooperation on exchanges of teachers and students, united training, joint research and co-hosting international conferences between schools being conducted in order to collectively advance China-UK communication and cooperation in education.


Rob Aitken expressed his gratitude to the greetings and then gave an introduction of the historic origins, location, compositions of departments, subject settings and vision of international development of York St John University. He indicated that the century-old histories, characteristics of teacher’s education and similarities in subjects settings had laid a solid foundation for the in-depth collaborations between both universities. He hoped to take this visit as an opportunity to establish interscholastic communication and cooperation with CCNU.


Then leaders from School of Education, School of Foreign Languages, School of Fine Arts and College of International Cultural Exchange introduced related colleges' historical background, subject construction, teachers and students' scale etc. Meanwhile, they also had a conversation with the delegation about cooperation on exchanges of students,  visits of teachers, joint research as well as joint creation and exhibition.


York St John University, a university with a history of more than one hundred years, is located in the ancient city of York which has profound humanization civilization. In York St John University, academic disciplines such as   business management, international business English, English teaching, film and television, contemporary art creations, sports psychology, education and management have earned a high admiration.

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