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Tang Lin: Fulfilling Dreams of Scientific Research

Revision:Wang Yihan; Xia JingyanDate:2017/12/27

Tang Lin, a senior from College of Public Administration, led his team to the special award in the Challenge Cup and made history.

From watching videos about the conflicts between urban management and vendors to observing the vendors at the gates of CCNU, he began to think about how to maintain order and beauty of the city as well as protecting the rights of vendors. Therefore, he and his teammates embarked upon scientific research.

A Road of Thorns

From the summer of 2016 to the autumn of 2017, he and his teammates had tasted all kinds of hardships and bitterness. Seeking ways on management of the city peddlers requires extensive investigation and in-depth contact with both urban management and peddlers. Apparently it won’t be easy. “They both rejected our interview. They thought we were sent by  government. It was very difficult to communicate with them.” Tang Lin recalled. Carefully designed questions only got perfunctory answers. Some vendors even ran away because of their interviews. They couldn’t conduct online questionnaires or ask the vendors to fill in questionnaires and could only write down answers by themselves. Nevertheless, they successfully interviewed 135 vendors.

The biggest setback was the defeat in the provincial competition. For lack of technical support, “incapacity to solve practical problems” is the label the judges gave them. Everyone was depressed while the guide teachers were even more disappointed. However, when he was informed that this project could move up to the national competition, he was determined to prove himself and his team as well.

Combining Innovation and Practice

The team set about the modification of the project. “Every change is like tearing off a layer of skin.” After constant revision and communication with the teachers, the idea of adopting “big data” came into being. Applying big data, Internet off things and cloud computing to the management of vendors is undoubtedly a huge progress. “Big data is our winning point.” Said Tang Lin proudly. Innovation is to scientific research what water is to fish. No matter how old-fashioned the project is, once the innovation is added, it can still stand out. “You project is very interesting.” The judges commented, on knowing they used big data.

Tang Lin emphasized that don’t take scientific research something too complex. Just keep our feet on the ground and keep trying. We should dare to think, to try and to exploit. Maybe the start is not good, but by changing little by little we can make it. “People who are creating history usually are not aware of that.” he added. He hopes his experience can encourage the students who have passion for scientific research but are too unconfident to challenge themselves for pursuing the dream.

Warmth and Company Along the Way

A team’s success can’t be gained without joint efforts. “This project lasted for over a year. Everyone was under great pressure but they all tried their best to suppress the negative emotions and cooperate with my work.” Not only the team members devoted themselves to the project, the instructors also put great efforts in helping them. Prof. Dai Shengli always pointed out the direction of the research so that the “lost ship” could find the right way. Lecturer Chen Ganghua highlighted the importance of details. “The night before the national competition, we modified the project all night. The teachers brought us many snacks and fought with us shoulder to shoulder. With the expectations of teachers, we worked hard till the dawn of the next day.” The warmth and company are the strength that supports them to stick to their dreams.

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