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"First Observation of Doubly Charmed Baryon " Listed Among "China’s Top 10 Scientific Achievements in 2017"

Revision:Liu Zhiji;Zhang ErchengDate:2018/03/06

On February 27th, "Experts Interpretation Conference of China’s Top 10 Scientific Achievemts in 2017" was held in Beijing by the Department of Basic Research and the Administrative Center for Basic Research, Ministry of Science and Technology. At the meeting, the selection results of “ China’s Top 10 Scientific Achievements in 2017 " was announced. "First Observation of Doubly Charmed Baryon " was selected, team CCNU participated in the project and made significant contributions.

On July 6th 2017, European Organization for Nuclear Research announced that Scientists from the international collaboration of  Large Hadron Collider bottom   (LHCb) on Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have found a new type of double-baryon particle known as Doubly Charmed Baryon. The theory predicts that the internal structure of Doubly Charmed  Baryon is quite different from other baryons previously found, and studies on its properties will help humans understand the composition of substances and the essence of strong interactions.

Chinese team in LHCb International Collaboration consisting of Tsinghua University, Central China Normal University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wuhan University led the discovery. The team from Central China Normal University, led by Prof. Xie Yuehong  and Associate Professor Yin Hang from College of Physical Science and Technology, made remarkable contributions.

The work of the team has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, "Research on the Frontier of Scientific Apparatus" by the National Significant Research Program, "Thousand Youth Talents Plan" by the Central Organization Department, "Chutian Scholars Program", Hundred Talents Program" in Hubei Province and high-level talents support program of Central China Normal University.

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