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Cross–Strait Integration: National Chengchi University Revisited CCNU with Historical Materials

Revision:He Yuqian; Lou HaniDate:2018/03/30

On March 19th, the archive donation ceremony with the Humanities Center of National Chengchi University (NCCU) was held in Fengyazhai, on the ninth floor of CCNU’s library. This is the thirteenth time that the former Vice President of NCCU, Mr. Yu Chuantao, donated precious literature to our school. Zhou Huimin, Chief of the NCCU Humanities Center, Peng Nansheng, the CCNU Vice President,  Bai Zhongqi, Mr. Yu Chuantao’s secretary and representatives from the CCNU Social Science Department,  Office of Hongkong, Macao&Taiwan Affairs,  Library and other relevant departments attended the ceremony.


Zhou Huimin indicated that archival source donated this time included their collection of the electronic version of Mr. Chen Cheng’s archives and 13 volumes of the original line series of Shi Sou, which were considered as exchange gifts from NCCU. So far, both universities have a comparatively integrated collection of Mr. Chen Cheng’s archives. It not only contributed to the study of modern history of China, but also marked that CCNU and NCCU have entered a new stage of cooperation.


Bai Zhongqi shared the story behind Shi Sou. He said that the donation completed the entrust of Mr. Yu Chuantao – to publicize these historical materials and he hoped that CCNU could take good care of it and exploit the value of it.


Peng Nansheng pointed out that this donation was a perfect pair of archive for our two universities and also for Taiwan and mainland. It not only made way for Mr. Chen Cheng to carry out in-depth study in Hubei Province, but also became a good example of win-win cooperation between the two schools. He suggested that CCNU’s library set a special place for them and keep them carefully, most importantly, make full use of them.


Zhang Wei, the secretary of the general party branch of library, accepted the donation on behalf of the library. He also expressed his heartfelt thanks to Mr. Yu Chuantao for giving such valuable documents to the school library. He said that the library would publicize it through electronic platform and would hold cultural exhibitions and activities to let people know more about these precious documents. Only in this way can we live up to the original intention of Mr. Yu’s donation and served the purpose of inheriting history, carrying forward culture, promoting cross – strait communications and studying Chinese history and culture.


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