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Symposium on Comparative Study of the East Asian Rural Revitalization and Development Strategy Held in CCNU

Revision:He Yuqian; Sun RuilinDate:2018/04/02

symposium on comparative study of the East Asian rural revitalization and development strategy was held in CCNU on. The conference was hosted by the college of urban and environmental science of CCNU. More than 10 scholars from Japan, Taiwan and Mainland China attended the conference to discuss the policy of rural revitalization and carried out ideological communication and collision with each other. Vice President Cai Hongsheng attended the conference and delivered a speech.

The seminar was focused on five aspects: "rural industrial integration", "rural tourism research", "rural space development research", "rural industrial development research" and "rural poverty alleviation research". Mr. Ren and Mr. Komatsu, professors from J.F.Oberlin University, Han Xiaohong, professor from Yamanashi Eiwa College, Huang Zhengmin,  consultant from Taiwan tea industry association, Dai Xuhong,  professor from Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Luo Jing and Xie Shuangyu professors from CCNU and other 3 experts and scholars, delieved reports respectively.

This symposium plays an important role in promoting the study of rural revitalization and the in-depth development of rural geography. And it will further promote our communication between internal and external universities as well as research institutes at home and abroad, and enhance academic influence.

After the meeting, the scholars also made an investigation on the development of rural revitalization in Xinzhou District of Wuhan. They investigated the Backer town and the Ziwei town of Cang Bu street in Xinzhou district. The Backer town is an industrial upgrading green town. The Ziwei town is in a mode of "culture + tourism + urbanization". In the process of investigation, the staff introduced the town to experts and scholars in detail, and made in-depth communication of views on project planning, land rights and interests, farmers' participation, investment and operation.

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