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Hong Kong Delegation of Mainland China Exchange Program Visits CCNU

Revision:Xia Jingyan; Akib IrfanDate:2018/04/02

From March 27th to 29th, a delegation of the Hong Kong senior high school students’ mainland China exchange program, organized by Hong Kong Education Bureau, visited CCNU. About 140 students and teachers from Hong Kong high schools participated in the event.

The welcoming ceremony was held in the 201 conference room of the Science Hall. Sun Li, the Deputy Director of United Front Work department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and the Directors of the Department of United Front Work of CCNU, Hong Kong, Macao Affairs Office and Admissions Office as well as some of the student representatives from Hong Kong were present.

The Minister of the Department of United Front Work welcomed the delegation on behalf of the school and introduced the position of CCNU in accordance with the aim of the congregation. Then the Director of Admissions Office gave an introduction about the enrollment policy of CCNU for Hong Kong students. In the speech, the representative of Hong Kong teachers expressed gratitude to CCNU for hosting the session while the representatives of Hong Kong students who are currently studying at CCNU shared their experiences with the teachers and students at the gathering.

After the ceremony, the delegation paid a visit to an engineering center and a history museum to understand and experience CCNU’s long history, beauty and a cultural diversity of campus life. 

The main aim of the event was to let more Hong Kong teachers and students experience the development of the motherland and to learn more about national conditions in order to effectively raise their awareness of the history and status quo of the Chinese nation and enhance the sense of national pride. Meanwhile, it has helped deepen their understanding of the education system and the admissions policy of CCNU for Hong Kong students. This has also helped cement the communication between students and teachers of Hong Kong and mainland China.

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