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CCNU Delegation Paid a Visit to Japan Making a Number of Agreements with Sister Schools.

Revision:Che Xinrui; Patrick NietzscheDate:2018/03/30

From March 23rd to 27th, a CCNU delegation led by Cai Hongsheng, Vice President of CCNU, headed to meet the delegation of Hiroshima University, Waseda University, Chiba University of Commerce, Soka University, Musashino Gakuin University and Sophia University in the Second meeting of the Sino-Japanese Association of Humanities and cultural exchanges held in Hiroshima. A number of agreements have been reached in areas such as, inter-school exchanges, personnel training, teacher exchange visits and a scientific cooperation platform. The heads of the International Departments, School of Foreign Languages, the Institute of Modern History of China, the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences met with the delegation.

The Second meeting of the Sino- Japanese Association of Humanities and cultural exchanges was held in Hiroshima University on March 24th. Chen Baosheng, the Minister of Education, made a keynote speech as a special guest of the general assembly. At the conference, Cai Hongsheng delivered a talk entitled, "deepening education cooperation and promoting the cultural exchanges between China and Japan." He introduced the main approach to the exchange of Japanese-Chinese education and the achievements of “Japan Week” Exchange Year in CCNU, in addition, he emphasized that we should continue to play the role of the alliance of the Sino-Japanese humanistic communication University and the alliance of East Asian universities of teachers and education in the future. He also promoted the development of schools focusing on the innovation of personnel training method and the internationalization of teachers. An agreement was also made to establish a two-way flow between Chinese and Japanese teachers and students to work together for a better development of the 'Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges.'

On March 25th, the delegation met with Hu Zhiping, Minister-Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Japan to introduce the latest developments in educational communication with Japan. Hu expressed his affirmation and strong support towards the activities of 2017 “Japan Week” Exchange Year in CCNU and the projects of introducing masters of translation in the universities. The delegation met with the academic leaders of the Waseda University, Chiba University of Commerce and other related disciplines. They reached an agreement in strengthening the communication on academic data and conference between Shibuzawa Eichi Research Center and the Ikeda Oku Research Center of our school and setting up an international platform "the window of the Sino-Japanese cultural exchange" for teaching and scientific research with the main channel of Japanese culture.

Moreover, Ma Min the Secretary of the former Chancellor of our school and the former President Yang Zongkai visited more than 20 exchange students and alumni at Hiroshima University and Waseda University. They encouraged the exchange students to cherish the opportunities in Japan.

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