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Yi Mu, Full Professor in Cryptography from University of Wollongong Invited to Lecture in CCNU

Revision:Wang Yihan; Patrick NietzscheDate:2018/04/04

On May 29th, Yi Mu, editor of international top journals and renowned cryptography expert, gave two lectures about the security and privacy of Cloud Class and the most cutting-edge research topics in the Lecture Hall first floor of Shaw (Yifu) International Conference CenterCCNU.

In the first lecture, Prof. Mu introduced the issues of the security and privacy of Cloud Class. Not only did he expound on the potential safety hazard of cloud computing, he also elaborated how to protect user data with full homomorphic encryption technology. He pointed out that Cloud should safeguard data security as well as computing security which presents new challenges to data integrity.

In the second lecture, Prof. Mu explained the newest knowledge about Block Chain in detail with open ledger as an example. He told students the technical details of Block Chain, helping to deepen students’ understanding of it. Then, Prof. Mu gave specific instructions about the application of Block Chain to the most populartechnology areas such as Bitcoin and IOT. He indicated that quantum computation was difficult to pose a real threat to the security of Block Chain in the short term and the security technology based on modern cryptography would play an important role for a long time.

During the question and answer session, students actively raised questions and heatedly discussed relevant issues with Prof. Mu.

Professor Mu was the Head of School of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the  University of Wollongong, from 2011 to 2015, before the school had its new name: School of Computing and Information Technology, in 2015. His current research interest includes cryptography, network security, quantum cryptography, etc. He has published over 450 papers including many top journals and conference papers in cryptography and network security. He has served in program committees for more than 200 international security conferences, including ACM CCS, ACM AisaCCS.

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