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Academician Zhao Jincai Furthers the Employment and Becomes the Dual-employed Academician of CCNU

Revision:Wang Yihan; Patrick NietzscheDate:2018/04/04

On May 28th, the signing ceremony for CAS academician Zhao Jincai furthering the employment and becoming the dual-employed academician of CCNU was held in the Conference Room on the first floor of the Administration Building.

Vice President Peng Nansheng expressed his sincere thanks for Zhao’s acceptance to continue to be the dual-employed academician of CCNU and pointed out that this was a significant action for building a high-level talented team of both College of Chemistry of CCNU and CCNU. Peng Nansheng reviewed the achievements since the employment of academician Zhao Jincai. He mentioned Zhao’s helping several teachers from College of Chemistry to be selected into the "National High-Level Personnel of Special Support Program (Ten Thousand Talents Plan)". All the achievements are due to  the hard work of Zhao Jincai, who has made a great contribution to the improvement of ESI ranking and the global academic ranking of the chemistry discipline of CCNU. The further employment accelerates the building of the chemistry discipline, platform construction, scientific research and talent cultivation of CCNU.

Zhao Jincai indicated that he had a deep impression of the hard work and selfless dedication to scientific research of the faculty and students of College of Chemistry, which moved him deeply. In the area of academic research, the college had done a very good job. Not only was the basic research work done well, the applied research was also going without any difficult, especially in the field of pesticide research. He promised that he will support the faculty and the students of the College of Chemistry to keep making efforts in platform construction and talent cultivation. He hoped that the college can keep the main research position of pesticide as well as working on building a team, helping young teachers find the characteristic research direction andenhancing the quality of postgraduate education.

In the closing speech, Huang Xiaomei, Chancellor of CCNU, expressed heartfelt thanks to Zhao’s hard work in leading  the leapfrog development of chemistry discipline of CCNU. She hoped that under the guidance of academician Zhao Jincai, the College of Chemistry can set a long-term development plan in line with the actual development, build a high-level talent team and make breakthroughs in national research. She wished that the college could grasp opportunities, for example, the “double first-class” plan, could make explorations in the education area corresponding to the reform of the country, and could nurture the culture of scientific research. She suggested that CCNU would create bigger and better space for development on the basis of optimizing overall resource allocation.

Academician Zhao Jincai has been employed as the Distinguished Professor of College of Chemistry of CCNU since October 2012.

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