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Sun Jianrong: "Learning Based" Teaching Should Be Put into Practice.

Revision:Cao Siyu;Patrick NietzscheDate:2018/04/09

How can college teachers apply “learning based” teaching concept in daily teaching process and put this idea into practice? On March 30th, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Macao University of Science and Technology, professor Sun Jianrong was invited to CCNU to host the "Workshop on teaching design and implementation of college teachers in the internet age.”He shared the high quality “learning based” teaching cases by famous university teachers in the United States and Asia countries, and introduced the idea and experience of the embodiment and implementation in university teaching of the "learning based" teaching concept. More than a hundred teachers from other colleges and CCNU took part in this workshop.

By discussing and analyzing the common problems of college teachers' teaching method in the internet era. Sun Jianrong shared the high quality teaching strategies of famous university teachers from the United States, Hong Kong and Macao. He also introduced the true connotation of "learning based" as well as the ways and methods of the effective implementation of this teaching idea in the teaching of college teachers from the perspectives of students' training objectives, professional design, curriculum design and teaching design, evaluation design and implementation of students' study results.

During the workshop, Professor Li Rui of the CCNU School of Life Sciences , also shared his own teaching design and experience to assist Professor Sun to put his teaching idea into practice to meet the actual needs of teachers in CCNU.

Brief introduction of the scholar:

Sun Jianrong, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Macao University of Science and Technology, the consultant and team leader of assessor inspection team of the North central Certification Committee of American higher education, the evaluation specialist of the higher education teaching evaluation center of Chinese Ministry of Education, the former director of Teaching Development Center of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the tenured professor of English faculty in Ohio, United States, visiting professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Beijing Institute of Technology, China Jiliang University and other colleges. He also participated in the certification and evaluation of more than 40 universities in the United States and the evaluation of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, University of Science and Technology of China and Nanjing University.


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